Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Venting my guts out

I have been working a lot of overtime lately, because I really, really need my own place. I am very grateful that my friend is letting me stay on her couch for a couple months, but it is a one bedroom apartment. There really isn't any privacy, or any way for me to have some alone time. I am certainly not going to kick her out of her own living room so I can go to bed, or ask her to vacate for a little while so I can sleep, or relax by myself. I miss alone time.

I was in a great mood earlier, but my theory that if my day starts out with me in a good mood, it will all turn to shit, has once again been proven right. I woke up exhausted, but things worked out so that I had some time to myself. I cleaned up a little, read, and just generally took some time to myself. I went to work, and decided I was so tired that I was going to leave a couple hours early. I have been working a lot, and its getting to me. I was planning on going back to my apartment and crashing, one way or the other. When I left work, I checked my texts. I had one from my roommate, saying our power was out. She called me after I sent a text back, and explained that she paid the power bill but the power company is a bunch of assholes who, because she did not call and tell them she paid, turned off the power. Now, until she pays the whole bill, we have no power.

Thankfully, I have really good friends. I am staying on another friends' couch. I won't be able to sleep in, because they have kids, but at least I am not homeless. Oh, but my night gets better.

Recently, my stepmother joined facebook so I friend requested her. She accepted, and then sent me a message stating that she looked at my profile, and because she didn't like some of the messages on my page, she was de-friending me. Umm, are you fucking kidding me? There is nothing on my page that is not me. The only thing I can think is a couple joking posts I put up today. Still, it made me feel like shit.

Oh, I am not done. This is the topper. I have a friend I was planning on living with. I asked her if she wanted to hang out tonight and watch a movie. She said she had to be to work early, which is fine. But, then, when all the shit went down, I tried to get ahold of her. Turns out she was at another friends house, which made me feel like I was not good enough to hang out with.

I am in a horrible mood. If it was just one of these things, I would be fine. But, its all of it. You know? And someone just told me that my roommate basically said the rent is paid until the end of the month, so if I turn the electric on in my name, I can stay. What? What the hell is going on?

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