Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brain dead and zombiefied

I need money. Bad. Half my paycheck was taken by the bank because of the error Netflix made. Netflix credited the money back, but I am still waiting for the bank to credit back the over draft fees. My account was about $200 negative because of all this, which is irritating and frustrating. The bank is supposed to have the money back in there by Friday, but it still screws me. So, I picked up three hours of overtime yesterday, two and a half hours today and three hours tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off. These 12 hours days are killing me, but I need the money.

I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow. We shall see. I don't have to be to work until 7pm, but I am bringing a friend in to work at 3pm to do a typing test. *sigh* I am hoping I get to sleep in tomorrow. I am exhausted.

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